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Under the Meresco name Dutch public institutions share quality software components related to metadata management and search.

These components contain shared knowledge and experience from within this community of experts. The components are generic, flexible and easily configured in very diverse applications.

Meresco - Open Source Component Library

Meresco is based on a robust infrastructure for refactoring, version control, dependency management, publishing, packaging, downloading and installing components.

Source code

Meresco sources are available in version control at GitHub:

Recent source code commits:

Source tar balls are available for each version:


Binary packages of Meresco are provided for Linux (Debian, Redhat). As important updates become available automatically, reliable maintenance of Meresco based systems is ensured.


A changeset comprises of all modifications to the Meresco source code in the context of a story. This can be a bug fix or a new feature. These changesets can be applied to other versions (e.g. for backporting) or branches. Additionally, they are useful for tracking what's happening.

Most recent changesets:

Please refer to to see them all.

Meresco - Knowledge Exchange

Meresco wishes to facilitate open knowledge exchange. Examples of initiatives contributing to this goal include Open Space conferences and a blog.

Meresco Open

Meresco Open is the open space conference for the community of Meresco and anyone interested. Users and contributors of Meresco share their knowledge and innovations between themselves and third parties. We meet several times a year. Each conference is centered around a particular theme.

For further explanation, the theme and the program of the previous Meresco Open, please visit the original invitation. You can find impressions of some of the participants (in Dutch) on the Meresco blog (see below).

The date of the next conference is not yet fixed. We will inform you on this site when the date is set. If you want more information about Meresco Open, please contact Hans Bakker at

Meresco Blog

See all posts at


The founders, users and contributors of Meresco are: